Introducing HousMthr’s Newest Feature: Shared Lists!

Will Schmahl
Jul 02, 2024By Will Schmahl

At HousMthr, we’re always striving to make your travel and stay experiences smoother and more enjoyable. Even though our focus is solving needs during the trip and stay we couldn't help but add lists for some pre-trip coodination that matters.

We are excited to announce the release of our latest feature: Shared Lists. This new addition to the HousMthr app aims to simplify the coordination of all your travel-related tasks, ensuring nothing gets left behind.

What Are Shared Lists?

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Shared Lists are designed to help you and your fellow travelers stay organized and in sync during your trips. Whether you're planning a family vacation, a getaway with friends, or a business retreat, these lists allow you to coordinate on everything you might need. Here’s how you can use them:

Groceries: Create a list of groceries you need to pick up for your stay. As items are added and checked off, the list updates in real-time, so everyone is always on the same page.
Shopping: Keep track of all the shopping you need to do, whether it's souvenirs, essentials, or that last-minute item you forgot.
Packing: Ensure you never forget anything by sharing packing lists. Each traveler can check off items as they pack, and the list updates live for everyone.
Recommendations: Share and save recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and activities. This way, everyone has access to the best local tips.
To-Do: Manage all the tasks that need to be completed before, during, and after your trip. From booking accommodations to planning excursions, keep everything organized in one place.

Real-Time Updates and Accessibility

One of the standout features of our Shared Lists is their real-time update capability. As soon as an item is added or checked off, everyone in your group will see the changes instantly. This ensures that everyone is always in the loop and prevents any miscommunications.

Additionally, we understand that some people prefer having a physical list in hand. That’s why our lists are printable, allowing you to have a hard copy if needed. Whether you’re at the store checking off groceries or reviewing your packing list, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to manage your tasks.

Future Enhancements: Notifications and Local Suggestions
We are committed to continuously improving the HousMthr experience. In the upcoming releases, we will be adding notifications for Shared Lists. These notifications will suggest and remind you of items that are missing or need to be picked up. For instance, if you’re at the store and forgot to add an item to your list, HousMthr will notify you to ensure nothing is left behind.

We’re excited for you to try out Shared Lists and experience the convenience it brings to your travels. Feel free to share your experiences with Shared Lists on social media using the hashtag #HousMthrSharedLists. For any questions or support, reach out to our customer service team through the app or visit our website.

Happy travels from the HousMthr team!

Stay connected with HousMthr for more updates and features designed to make your travel experiences the best they can be.

Current Features of HousMthr:
Room Management: Easily assign, back-fill, and manage rooms within your group.
Expense Tracking: Keep track of group expenses and settle balances effortlessly.
Shared Calendar: Coordinate and manage group tasks and events.
Real-Time Location Sharing: See where all your co-travelers are in one view.
Group Chat: Centralized communication for all members of your group.
Explore Local Shops and Properties: Discover local shops and find rooms within your group that have availability.
Shared Lists: Coordinate on groceries, shopping, packing, recommendations, and to-do tasks with real-time updates and printability.

We look forward to continuing to enhance your travel experiences with these comprehensive features. Stay tunes for AI/ML On-Trip Execution and Risk/Reward Mitigation: Advanced notifications, safety features, gaming & challenges, and medical protocol protections.