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Our Mission: At HousMthr (pronounced HouseMother), we are dedicated to being your trusted partner in travel, focusing on the needs that arise after booking, planning, and itinerary creation. Our app is the go-to tool for managing on-trip activities and experiences, ensuring seamless coordination and execution. By leveraging advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, HousMthr proactively addresses potential disruptions, providing on-demand concierge services throughout your journey. Our aim is to empower the planner within your group, making every trip effortlessly navigable and free from unforeseen hassles.

We specialize in enhancing your travel experience post-booking, keeping you informed and prepared so you can create unforgettable memories. HousMthr uncovers hidden gems and navigates common travel challenges, allowing you to fully enjoy every moment of your adventure. From discovering the perfect photo opportunity to securing that unique souvenir, HousMthr ensures that no experience is missed.

Our pride lies in lightening the logistical load for the group planner, allowing every member to immerse themselves in the trip's joy without the stress of detail management. HousMthr is designed to support the planner, turning travel inconveniences into opportunities for remarkable adventures.

We are driven by your stories and feedback, which inspire us to continually refine our services and provide the best possible support for your travels.

In summary, HousMthr is here to redefine group and family travel, acting as the essential after-booking, after-planning, and post-itinerary tool for all your on-trip needs. We ensure every journey is smooth, enjoyable, and memorable.

Thank you for being an integral part of the HousMthr community. We eagerly anticipate enhancing your group travel experiences.

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The Founders of &

Our Origin Story: HousMthr, an idea sparked by my imagination, quickly became a cherished concept among my summer rental group, earning me the nickname "HousMthr." This title reflects my unique traits, including my energetic ADD flair, a strong desire for cleanliness, and a passion for cooking.

As time progressed, this idea matured into an advanced travel management app. The inspiration stemmed from the challenges faced when organizing summer share houses for friends and family, especially in sought-after locations like Fire Island Pines House. Managing these intricacies was seldom straightforward.

While some might consider trip planning simple, those are usually not the ones in charge. They often overlook the detailed planning involved, enjoying the outcomes without fully appreciating the behind-the-scenes efforts, occasionally leading to minor complaints or disagreements over the day's plans.

Leveraging over ten years of experience in managing shared housing, HousMthr was crafted as the ideal solution for peaceful group living. However, we expanded our vision. Whether planning a trip to a remote destination, embarking on a journey with friends, or coordinating college student travels, HousMthr is here to support you. We offer personalized solutions for your distinctive travels, ensuring life's journey is smoother.

HousMthr transcends typical travel planning apps. While offering shared calendars, we excel in execution, collaboration, and safety, always aiming to maximize enjoyment. View us as your reliable travel partner, from booking to your return home. Have you ever wanted updates on your group's safe arrival, or explanations for missed connections? HousMthr is here to assist.

In summary, HousMthr provides a toolkit that keeps you informed, shares the adventure, and gracefully manages any unexpected changes in your plans. More than a travel app, HousMthr is your gateway to a hassle-free, delightful trip experience. - Will Schmahl, Founder

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