How We See Travel!

Will Schmahl
May 03, 2024By Will Schmahl

We all cherish the excitement of travel, yet astonishingly, 90% of Americans report experiencing anxiety or stress related to vacationing, particularly when it involves coordinating with friends and family. It seems that while our appetite for adventure is vast, so too is our potential for pre-trip and on-trip tensions.

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Interestingly, despite this widespread yearning for smoother travel experiences, 91% of the travel technology available to us today focuses almost exclusively on pre-trip planning and booking tools. These solutions help us chart our courses and secure our stays, yet once we've embarked on our journeys, we find ourselves adrift in a sea of uncoordinated plans and individual preferences. At this crucial juncture, there's a glaring absence: a centralized resource tailored for on-trip needs, dedicated to those who have already reached their destinations. That's where a tool like HousMthr steps in.

Think about the current landscape of travel tech. There are countless ways to view destinations, dream about getaways, book accommodations, and purchase tickets. But why should each traveler have to bend their personal preferences to fit a one-size-fits-all solution? The need for individual customization is clear, yet repeatedly inputting the same personal data across various platforms is exhausting and inefficient.

This is where the idea of a more integrated solution comes into play. Imagine a tool that not only stores all your preferences- not just Travel. Dynamically it updates them based on real-time, shared data — including insights gathered during your trip and even not trip related. This tool could act as a universal access card for myriad travel services, functioning as your master passport of up-to-date preferences for life across various industries.

The travel industry has long been a fragmented ecosystem, with various stakeholders making multiple, often redundant, attempts to integrate their services without much success. The missing piece: A unified frame of reference that includes up-to-date and in-trip data. This approach not only ensures that every offer, booking, and recommendation is based on your current preferences but also levels the playing field for all industry players, making consumer-owned data the cornerstone of travel planning.

Such an innovation promises to de-risk options and personalize experiences, ensuring that every traveler knows they are getting the best possible deal tailored to their desires while on their trip. HousMthr is the foundation for this and we are looking for folks that believe travel should be this way for travels and Operators in like that want to be on-trip every step of the way.

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We aren't just about house management, it's only our first step to optimizing travel and stays for guests made from their all their preferences so that if they happen to be a person that loves green apples, completely not travel related. Then the should know about a place 5 blocks from their location that has life changing green apple sorbet that will knock their socks off!

With a solution like this, perhaps the dream vacation—encompassing everything you want and have dreamed of—could finally be within reach for everyone. Isn't it time our technology caught up to our ambitions?