HousMthr: Launching in the Shadow of an Eclipse!

Will Schmahl
Apr 08, 2024By Will Schmahl

In the cosmic lottery of scheduling, the stars have aligned—or, more accurately, the sun, moon, and Earth have! As we launch our HousMthr app today, we find ourselves in the delightful shadow of a solar eclipse, sweeping its mystical path across the United States. What are the odds? Well, astronomical, to be sure, but then again, HousMthr is all about mastering the improbable and ensuring you're perfectly positioned for whatever the universe throws your way.

Imagine, if you will, a celestial phenomenon like today's solar eclipse.

photo of total solar eclipse

These are the moments that bring us together, heads tilted skyward, collectively awestruck. Now, fast forward 20 or 30 years when the next major eclipse graces our skies. Where will you be? With HousMthr's futuristic AI and ML-powered toolkit, not only can you plan the perfect eclipse-viewing getaway, but you can also ensure that everything from your accommodation to your local eclipse-themed party is booked and synchronized down to the last detail. And the best part? 

We are excited to announce the launch of HousMthr, a guest focused app designed to optimize on-trip execution for group travel experiences. Initially focusing on summer share houses, HousMthr aims to transform the way groups manage their stay, addressing the complexities of shared accommodations and activities. Our app steps in after the planning phase, providing essential tools to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience during the trip itself.

Why Summer Share Houses?

Summer share houses, with their extended stay periods of 5 weeks or more, present unique challenges in coordinating and managing shared spaces. HousMthr’s launch features caters specifically to this segment,utilizing what we call our foundational features-  RoomBoard, Expenses, Group Chat, Events/Activities, OpenRoom and Explore. This foundation allows for any planner within a family or friend group to manage their on-trip execution all in one app, that streamlines the day-to-day management of the partying on-trip, their needs as they share in their journey together, and activities.

By starting with summer share houses, we ensure a robust and tested platform to then begin to move into other travel or event  types in parallel to us  connecting our AI and Machine Learning features providing  risk and reward mitigation.  

Building for Diverse Travel Groups

Following our success with summer share houses, HousMthr will extend its services to cater to a wide range of group experiences, including camping trips, ski adventures, college off-sites, MBA journeys, bachelorette parties, and globe-trotting retirees. Our focus remains on enhancing the on-trip experience, providing tools that are adaptable to the specific needs and dynamics of each travel and group type.

Our 1.0 Release: Our Foundation

Now available on the Google Play Store and soon on iOS, the 1.0 release of HousMthr provides a solid foundation with features like expenses management, smart calendar integration, group chat, open room exploration, and efficient room/house management. These features are designed to support and enhance the travel experience during the trip, making HousMthr an indispensable companion for any journey.

Looking Ahead: Perfecting On-Trip Execution

As we continue to evolve, HousMthr is committed to refining and expanding its on-trip execution features. Our goal is to become the go-to platform for travelers seeking a seamless and enjoyable travel experience, focusing on providing real-time solutions and support during their stay.

Exciting Features in Development for the Next Iteration!

While HousMthr is ready to download and elevate your travel experiences, we're already charting the course for our next update, packed with features to make every journey, including the next astronomical spectacle, absolutely stellar.

1. Advanced Room Management
Future updates will enhance our room management capabilities, ensuring you can always secure the best spot for viewing natural phenomena like eclipses, well in advance, and with unparalleled ease.

2. On-Trip Execution Tools
Prepare for an upgrade that brings sophisticated on-trip execution tools, designed to seamlessly handle any group or travel situation that arises. Whether it’s adjusting plans on the fly, coordinating with your group in real-time, or responding to unexpected events, these tools will ensure your travel experience is as smooth and enjoyable as the eclipse is mesmerizing.

3. Connect with Fellow Eclipse Chasers
In the next version, look out for features that will connect you with fellow eclipse enthusiasts and travelers. This community aspect will not only enhance your travel experiences but also create opportunities for shared adventures and memories.

4. Weather and Location Intelligence
We’re enhancing our app with AI-driven weather and location tracking to guide you to the best possible viewing locations for celestial events, ensuring clear skies for your eclipse watching or any outdoor activity.

5. Integrated Expense Tracker
Our upcoming financial management feature will help keep your group’s expenses in check, ensuring that budgeting concerns don’t overshadow your travel enjoyment.

Download HousMthr Today!

There's no need to wait for these future enhancements to start improving your travel and stay experiences. Download HousMthr now from the Apple and Google Play stores, and begin planning your adventures with ease and confidence. Whether you're gearing up for the next eclipse or any of the myriad experiences life has to offer, HousMthr is your ideal travel companion.

Celebrate today's celestial spectacle by downloading HousMthr, and get ready to eclipse the ordinary on all your future journeys!

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