Embrace Summer with HousMthr: Simplifying Your Group Travel and House Shares

Will Schmahl
May 16, 2024By Will Schmahl

Embrace Summer with HousMthr: Simplifying Your Group Travel and House Shares
Summer is upon us, and with it comes the excitement of retreating to our favorite vacation spots. Whether you’re heading to a beach house or joining a house share, the season is all about relaxing and making memories. House shares, a popular rental option during this time, are typically booked weekly or divided into quarter, half, or full shares for the season. However, managing the logistics can often be a challenge. Enter HousMthr, an innovative app designed to simplify and enhance your group travel and house-sharing experience. Here's a simple guide on what HousMthr can do for you:

Easy Setup for Planners

As a planner, you’ll start by signing up and creating a personal profile. This profile includes your preferences, ensuring that the system tailors recommendations and matches to your liking. Next, you’ll build a virtual "house" within the app and create rooms. With your house ready, it's time to invite your companions. You can easily send invitations to friends and family, ensuring everyone is part of the group before the trip begins.

Seamless Joining for Companions

When companions receive an invite, they join the group by creating their personal profiles. These profiles are essential for matching purposes. HousMthr’s matching feature ensures that no one stays with a complete stranger. For added security and comfort, the app will soon integrate Facebook’s degrees of friends, preventing any unwanted matches. This way, you can rest assured that your roommates are people with shared connections and interests.

Shared Tools for a Smooth Trip

Once everyone has created their profiles, the group gains access to a suite of shared tools designed to enhance the travel experience:

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Group Chat: Keep all communication centralized and easily accessible.Expenses: Track and manage shared expenses, ensuring transparency and fairness.

Explore Directory: Discover local attractions, shops, and amenities.

Shared Calendar: Coordinate tasks, events, and social plans. The calendar includes location mapping, not just for the destination but also for the safety of finding everyone in the group.

Find a Room: We provide groups with a new way to backfill a room or bed in those cases that a someone is sick or has to cancels. The house can post the availabilty and seekers can view the house profile then message the HousMthr to request more info. Once this request to chat is triggered, both parties can see interests, likes and hobbies and soon friends from social channels. 

These tools ensure that all group members are on the same page, making coordination effortless and enjoyable.

Finding the Perfect Summer House Share

If you’re specifically looking for a summer house share, HousMthr makes it easy. You can browse available houses by date and location through the explore feature. When you find a potential match, you can message the host or the HousMthr team directly via chat. Once the host accepts your chat request, both parties can view each other’s profiles, including matching interests, likes, and hobbies. This feature ensures compatibility and comfort, making the house-sharing experience pleasant for everyone involved.

Coming Soon:

Enhanced Social Integration
HousMthr is continuously evolving to better serve its users. Soon, the app will include first and second-degree connections from social channels. This enhancement will ensure you’re never staying or sharing a room with a complete stranger, providing an additional layer of trust and familiarity.

HousMthr is revolutionizing group travel and house-sharing by making the entire process seamless and enjoyable. From easy setup and matching to comprehensive shared tools and secure connections, HousMthr ensures that your travel and stay experience is stress-free and memorable. Sign up today and discover how HousMthr can transform your next trip or summer house share into a hassle-free adventure.

For more information and to get started with HousMthr, visit our website or download the app today!

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